John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Snow day

As you may have heard, there's been a bit of snow in London today. Not a great deal compared to other places (I remember the river Wear freezing while I was in Durham), but enough to be unusual. When I woke up, the radio presenter was reading out a long list of all the trains that had stopped working, but fortunately my journey wasn't too bad - just minor delays/cancellations.

The bigger challenge actually turned out to be leaving my flat in the first place. I went downstairs, and tried to open the front door, but it was stuck. I pulled harder, and it was still stuck. Thinking back to the old Tarzan novels I read, I then used my mighty thews (ahem) to pull on the handle as hard as I could; this resulted in the handle parting company from the door, while the door itself remained stuck. This was not a great improvement... In the end, I wound up phoning the shop downstairs, and asking them to come and shove the door from their side, and that did the trick. It turned out that the cement along the ground had cracked (due to the cold?), and one of the pieces was wedged against the bottom of the door. We got rid of that, and I've reattached the handle, so things are back to normal.

Once I arrived at work, I was ambushed in the car-park by some of my colleagues having a snowball fight, but I can live with that; it's nice to work with people who have a sense of fun.

I did see an offer in today's Metro for free cinema tickets to see "Hot Fuzz", but unfortunately they'd all gone by the time I checked the website. Still, the website itself looks quite promising:
So, I've registered there, and hopefully I can get some freebie tickets in the future.
Tags: films, hmr, snow

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