John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

A levels

Just got back from college, where I picked up my A level result (singular) - I got an A! <bounce> I don't actually need it anymore (it was only a requirement for the undergrad offer), but it's still nice to have, and a good omen. (I'm sure I never used to be so superstitious...) Minor hiccup when I got to the desk to collect it, and found that I was in the wrong queue ("M-Z" rather than "A-M"). Oh well, these things happen... Some people might take this as evidence for a fall in standards, when you can get the top grade without being able to spell your own name, but to those people I say "pbblt!" ;-p

And in other news, the general room tidying progresses. Got the new router working now, so I no longer have various cables acting as tripwires across the middle of the room :) Also, I'm reclaiming loads of bookmarks from the various computer tomes where I got distracted after Chapter 4... Speaking of which, two more added to the stack: "VB Programmers Guide to the Windows API" (16 bit) and "Teach yourself COBOL in 21 days".
Tags: books, computers, decluttering, physics

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