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TV episodes

Looking through the DigiGuide listings for today, I saw a program that starts at 16:10 on Channel 4. The title was too long to fit into the box, so it was truncated to "Let The Music Play: The Story Of ..." Hovering over it, I see that the missing words are "Barry White". However, my initial reaction was to think of the Fraggle Rock theme tune:

#Dance your cares away
#Worries for another day
#Let the music play
#Down at Fraggle Rock

Is that just me, or is it the same for all children of the 1980s? (I'm also thinking about Spike's line from a Buffy episode: "Who you gonna call? God. That phrase is never going to be useable again, is it?")

Poll #948465 Guess the TV episode

Let the music play: the story of ...

Fraggle Rock
Barry White
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