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Had a big purge yesterday - went through some of my boxes, digging out stuff that I don't need anymore. E.g. my "student welcome pack" from Durham (in 1992), which contains various coupons, all of which expired several years ago... I kept thinking "Why do I still have all this stuff?", but I know the answer. Basically, when I get things (either through the post, or from when I'm out and about), I often get home, and think "OK, don't need to deal with that right away - stick it over there, and I'll sort it out later". Then I do the same thing with more stuff, which means that the original items are now buried at the bottom of a big pile. I then move, and think "Don't have time to sort it all out - stick it in a box, and unpack it at my next flat". Which is why I still have these useless items, that I've been dragging around with me for the last 10 years! Ah well, at least later has finally arrived, so I'm making headway now. I've designated one of my boxes as a bin (since I think the bin liners would collapse if I filled them with paper), and I've almost filled it.

Sidenote - at one point, I came across my GCSE Physics notes, dated September 1987. When I mentioned this on IRC, gaspodog informed me that he was 4 years old back then. I did not need to hear that! Alas, I'm surrounded by children ;)

Meanwhile, I'm getting quite excited about the new house. Not the move itself - that sucks bigtime, and the only good thing about that will be the knowledge that it's over. But the actual place looks good. Partly, it's the concept of having somewhere that is just ours - it's in a terrace (part of a former council estate), but there's nobody above or below us, and we have our own front door. Then there's the garden - shame about the lack of grass (something I do miss since I've come to London), but it will be good to sit outside on the patio when the weather's this warm. And, strangely enough, the kitchen table. As I mentioned in my last entry, this will come in handy when we play games (card/board), since it's a flat surface, and we'll get the luxury of sitting in chairs :) Beyond that though, I really like the idea of us all being able to sit down at the table and have meals together. I'm sure that sounds hopelessly twee, but it appeals to me.

Aside from that, just trying to clear up various loose ends at the moment. I'm into my final 3 weeks in the office, so I need to get the handover sorted out, and there's various references etc. to gather for the new house. But nothing too strenuous.
Tags: decorating, flatmates, physics

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