June 8th, 2002


Well, despite this being a Saturday, I had to get up relatively early, to pick up my motorbike from the shop. (I'd taken it in for a crash damage estimate.) They estimated the repair bill at 2700 quid - ouch! Fortunately, I've spoken to the insurance company, and they'll pay it (minus 150 quid from me). Fully comp pays off :) I'm saving more money for this one claim than I pay all year in insurance... Mind you, they want me to go to one of their shops, rather than Motorcycle City, so it was a bit of a wasted trip (and 35 quid for the estimate). Still, live and learn...

On the way home (the bike more or less runs), there was a bit of an excitement - I witnessed a road traffic accident.

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This meant I was running a bit late for the ICSF buffet this afternoon, but I got there in time for the main presentation. It was a fun afternoon, and I wound up in Fogeys' Corner with people I don't see so much nowadays (e.g. Bob), which was good.

So, just two and a half hours left until Spider-Man...
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