June 21st, 2002


Well, that's that - my final exam has now been and gone. It wasn't quite what I was expecting, but it basically went ok.

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Afterwards, a few of us went off to the local kebab place to chat for a while. I wasn't sure whether people would want to go out for drinks etc., but it turned out not. Some of them have more exams next week (e.g. Chemistry), others had already made plans. Ah well, never mind. I guess 3:30 in the afternoon may be a little bit early for a drinking binge... We've all sort of arranged to meet up in college in August, when our results come out, so I'll see them all then, if not before. One nice thing when we were chatting about life plans etc. - the others were quite surprised to hear that I'm 27. They would have guessed my age as 23, which is quite flattering :) I like to think that I blend in with my surroundings a bit; if I'm in a student environment in jeans/T-shirt, I look quite young, whereas If I'm in the office, in a suit, I look older. Which bodes well for September - I won't look like I belong in a tweed jacket with elbow patches :)

Now to enjoy all the free time I'll have, without classes/revision/exams! I came back home via Oxford Street, and picked up my weekly comics haul. I also treated myself to a couple of extra things, to celebrate - Britney Spear's new CD ("Britney"), and the DVD of "Bedazzled". Nobody else is back yet - I can see Lorna in the library via the ICSF webcam, so M&M may well be there too. Update - they're not, on their way home now, so hopefully I'll see them soon.

I'm listening to the CD at the moment. It's ok - I mainly bought it for the "I'm Not a Girl, Nor Yet a Woman" track, which I haven't got to yet. Hopefully some of the others will be good too. I saw Bedazzled at the cinema a couple of years ago, and enjoyed it. It was an impulse buy - only 9.99 in Virgin, so I figured "what the heck". I don't think any of the others have seen it, so maybe they'll want to watch it later.