June 30th, 2002

Summing up

Hmm, been a varied two days since my last entry.

Had a good time on Friday evening, playing Fluxx with Michael and Lorna. I won a couple of times, although that's more due to them doing things wrong than me doing things right :)

Got my "real" transcript through yesterday morning, i.e. the official printed copy. Actually, I have 6 copies - there are 3 formats (varying levels of detail), and I have 2 of each. I think they're trying to make amends for the delay, which is cool. I then had to hunt out the application form, as that had been moved around my room since I last saw it. Anyway, I now have all the bits I need, so I'm going to fill out the application today, and hand-deliver it to Kings tomorrow. As Viv says, maybe I can get some birthday luck on my side :)

Went to Oxford Street in the afternoon, on my weekly comics run. I was looking for a copy of "Sir Apropos of Nothing" (the new Peter David paperback), but Forbidden Planet don't have it yet. On the plus side, "Science of the Discworld" has just come out in paperback (with two new chapters), so I picked that up - saves me having to filch Lorna's copy.

H-L came round for a talk last night, which wasn't quite what I'd expected.

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Been checking my "Terminator" DVD this morning, after reading this article:
Basically, the discs are going a bit manky after a year, so mine keep pausing randomly while they're playing (sometimes for up to 1 minute). If you have the DVD, I recommend checking it, and emailing the guy who runs the site, so that he can do a group letter to MGM.

Later this evening, I'm off to the London Eye, as a birthday outing thing, so that should be good. Aside from anything else, it will be an opportunity for my flatmates to meet my Durham friends, which is something I've been looking forward to for a while.

Hmm, time to sort out this application...