July 27th, 2002

I'm a wanderer...

Pretty good day at work yesterday. One of my applications (data cruncher) is currently taking a long time to run - about 17 hours for half a million records. However, I've got an idea to speed it up, so that it should take less than an hour. I'll try my theory out on Monday. Had a talk to the boss about things, which was also good (and long overdue!). Collapse )

On the poll front, it looks like my hunch was right - they're only open to logged in LJ users. Probably to stop ballot-box stuffing and whatnot...

Today, I went off to Kew Gardens with Michael, Michelle, and Lorna, which was fun. I'd never been before, and I was expecting fields. In fact, they had lots of tropical greenhouses, so I wound up regretting my choice of jeans over shorts. I must admit, my interests are a bit more limited than some people's when it comes to plants - I think "hmm, yellow flowers, big leaves" rather than "Ah, this is a particular variety of bromeliad". Still, all educational, and a good social activity.

After that, we went off to view a flat in Fulham. The estate agent told me on the phone that it was an ex-local authority place, and I didn't have a problem with that. However, it turned out to be on the top floor of a big concrete block. My first impression was "Ah, this is where all the unemployed people and drug dealers live". I'm sure that's very unfair, but doubtless Andrew would be proud of me :) Aside from that, the flat itself wasn't too bad, but the location meant we vetoed it. One odd feature - aside from the bathroom, it had a shower cubicle on the landing. I.e. you had an alcove with a shower in it, and a glass door, then a curtain that you pull across outside the door. Nice and private! Anyway, we've signed up with the agency, and we'll probably view another place on Tuesday, so early days yet.

Minor hiccup on the way home, when we took the scenic route back to the flat. At one point we walked past Goldhawk Road tube station, which is about 20m away from our flat. 5 mins later, we did a U turn to head back towards it... Ah well, live and learn.
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