August 8th, 2002


Took a day off work today to go to the beer festival. Met up with Bob, Robin, Billy, and Phil, and had a good time there. I paced myself quite well - in the course of 6 hours, I had 2 halves of bitter, 1 pint of cider, and 2 halves of perry (basically the same as cider, but made from pears instead of apples). First time I've tried perry, but I quite like it. It was described as being "like wine", and I'd go along with that. A couple of notable moments during the day:

* Bob entering the "win your weight in beer" raffle. Apparently he was the 2nd heaviest person so far in the day - the heaviest was 240 kg!

* Billy looking at the huge poster of a scantily clad woman, and exclaiming "Her breasts are larger than my body!"

After that, went off to view a flat. Not much good, unfortunately. sulkyblue has a better description of the trials and tribulations of flat-hunting in her LJ... On the moving front, we'll definitely have to go for a removals firm in September - get burly men to shift my TV etc., after all the straining and groaning last year. Interesting thing about that - in films, you often see blokes sweeping women off their feet, with relatively little effort. Assuming that the average woman weighs maybe 60 kg, and my TV is 78 kg, it seems odd that it takes 2/3 people a lot of hassle to lift it. We discussed this at the beer festival earlier, and the concensus was that women are more bendy :)

Only a month left at my job - my last day is 4 weeks tomorrow.
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