August 11th, 2002


Well, having been inspired by coffee_bofh, I've been making an effort to tidy my room today. I'm now entering the more ruthless phase - rather than just chucking out stuff that I clearly don't want (e.g. train timetables from 1994), I'm also getting rid of stuff that I've hung onto for ages, but probably won't need in the future. This includes several computing leaflets from Durham ("introduction to Unix" etc), since they're probably all out of date, and I can get the latest info from the web if I need it. I've also gathered a big stack of computing books that I won't need anymore - >12 kg worth!

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It's hard to throw books away, because they're books - if that doesn't make sense, I can't explain it :) However, Lorna had a cunning plan - donate them to a charity shop. That way, if they can't find anyone who wants them, then they get the guilt of chucking them out! So, if anyone wants any, let me know (first come, first served). If not, I'll pass them on to a charity shop at the next convenient opportunity.

So, I've now cleared some more floor space, which is good. I've also found some odd stuff buried at the bottom of piles. There was the letter about renewing my road tax (for motorbike) - I wound up being over a month late with that, because I couldn't find the letter anywhere (turned out that I didn't actually have to have it to register). See previous entry. Nice to know that it didn't actually disappear! Also found some random Physics notes, that never made it into my file - probably would have been more useful to find them before my exams, but hey...

And aside from that, watching several Buffy/Angel episodes, courtesy of sulkyblue. Good stuff :)