August 17th, 2002


Been a fairly calm couple of days. Did my weekly comics run yesterday, and there's some good stuff coming from Vertigo (the Sandman people) at the moment. Got the latest issue of "Fables", and the third "Lucifer" paperback. I think I'll need to start cutting back on the number of comics I buy when I start my MSc, but both of those are secure. Couple of highlights - Daniel (the new Dream) is showing up in a forthcoming Lucifer issue.

For anyone who wants to read some free comics:
Issue 1 of Fables
First 19 pages of "Bigg Time" (a story about an inept/sadistic guardian angel)

Of special note in "Fables" - one of the mysteries of the universe revealed:
Snow White: "Do it anyway. You look like you're trying to peek down my dress."
Bigby: "So? Why would you wear a neckline like that if you didn't want people to look?"
Snow White: "Perhaps women wear low necklines to filter out the gentlemen from the dogs. Those few who can still manage eye contact, even in the presence of breasts like these, might actually have some potential."
Bigby: "Woof"
(Bigby being the Big Bad Wolf)

Today, been off to see Goldmember at the cinema. I had some reservations, since I enjoyed the first Austin Powers film, but not the second one. However, everyone I know who's seen the third one enjoyed it, so I figured I'd give it a go, and I enjoyed it. There were some hits and misses, but overall it was fun. "Guacamoley!" The Guru looks quite entertaining, so I'll probably watch that at some point, along with Minority Report.

Played a couple of games of Magic when I got home - Lorna's now been sucked in too. And our new house has a kitchen table, so we won't have to kill our legs by sitting on the floor all the time :)

And now I'm watching "Celebrity Stars In Their Eyes", to see AllStars do Steps - maximum cheese!