August 21st, 2002

Making progress

Went off to the charity shop near work this morning, but they said they didn't want the old computer books, as not enough people round the area have computers. Given that Highgate is a pretty posh area, I doubt that's due to lack of money - more likely to be that beige doesn't go with the furniture...

Anyway, that being the case, to the bin with 'em. So, when I got home, slung them out, along with the box from the weekend. It was a bit of a wrench, but I relied on the Miles Vorkorsigan approach - forward momentum! It has made a difference in the amount of floor space that's clear. "Carpet is accessible Here and Here" </air steward> It may not be obvious to the untrained eye, but I can certainly tell the difference when I move around, since I don't need the same amount of cat-like agility when I make my way across the room. Roughly translated, that means that I no longer keep bumping into things, due to my lack of cat-like agility :)