August 23rd, 2002

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Fairly quiet day at work. It's weird to think that I've only got 10 days left there (since Monday's a bank holiday). I've been there over three years now - the longest I've ever been in one job. Went to the ICSF library on the way home to play Magic. It's the first time in ages that I've made it to the Thursday night session - I normally don't finish work in time. But I turned up there tonight at about 20:15, and we didn't finish until 22:00, so I got a few games in, which is good. It's given me some ideas on how to improve my dwarf/minion deck (need flying things...).

Meanwhile, been reading the latest Bujold novel - Diplomatic Immunity. It's out in hardback at the moment, so I was waiting for the paperback. However, I then found Baen, who are selling electronic copies for $5. Bonus! So, downloaded that last night, and I've been reading it on my Palm. Great stuff.

Speaking of books, need to sort out my Amazon order. They tried to deliver some books for me yesterday and today, but nobody was around, so I'll need to go to the depot to pick them up. However, the depot (Acton) is in the opposite direction to work. So, dilemma - do I go there on the way to work tomorrow (arriving even later), or wait until Saturday. Hmm.... Ah, the decision's made for me (via their website) - has to be Saturday. Minor rant - even Parcelforce don't have a postcode database that recognises the existence of our flat :(


Hmm, everything nodes...

Rant for the day:
This node refers to "a decade that doesn't know what to call itself". Now look, this is very simple.
If you have "nineteen eighty-five, nineteen eighty-six", then the decade is the eighty-s.
If you have "nineteen ninety-five, nineteen ninety-six", then the decade is the ninety-s.
If you have "twenty oh-one, twenty oh-two", then the decade is the oh-s.
(Similarly if you pronounce the year "two thousand and one, two thousand and two")
I'll make allowances for different pronunciations (although you never hear people talking about 1066 as "one thousand and sixty six" - it's always "ten sixty six"), but this "noughties" business is just ridiculous. Admittedly, English doesn't always have much to do with logic (bring on Esperanto...), but if there are people wandering in confusion, then I shall provide a beacon in the darkness!

Super Knight Rider 3000
Apparently not a joke. Well, it may not be as bad as it sounds I suppose... I really liked the original series, although I was less impressed by "Team Knight Rider". The thing is, the moral behind the original series was "One man can make a difference". In TKR, the intro credits made a point of saying "In the past, it only took one man - now it takes a team", i.e. "if you're on your own, then you're useless", which was rather less inspirational... I'm not at all convinced about the wisdom of resurrecting KARR.
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