September 26th, 2002

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Hmm, considering how little I'm actually doing at the moment, amazing how fast the days fly by. I could get the hang of this student lark :) Yes, I know it won't always be this easy, but what the heck...

Anyway, I haven't actually had any lectures yet this week - they start tomorrow, but I have 6, which kind of makes up for it. 3 of them are for the networking course, which I'm not likely to take - they seem to be trying to drive people away from it, because it's been oversubscribed, and they say that you shouldn't take it if you did something similar in your undergrad course (which I did).

Interesting thing in the lab rules:

The following are forbidden in the labs:

  • Eating or Drinking (food and drink must be kept in your bag)

  • Playing Games or Using IRC

  • Using Mobile Phones (including letting them ring unanswered)

  • Making excessive noise

  • Playing Games and Using IRC

Note that using IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is treated as game playing.

Hmm, do you get the impression that they disapprove of IRC? I'm not bothered by their policy, just amused that they mentioned it 3 times in the space of 6 rules...

Anyway, so far this week my only university commitment was on Wednesday, which was more registration, and tours of library/department. A bit chaotic due to the tube strike, since the person organising it couldn't get in, and the people who turned up didn't really understand what was going on. Still, got everything sorted out in the end.

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Oh, slightly disturbing thing I saw on Monday - a pub had a sign outside, saying "Only 93 days left to Christmas!" (well, I guess that would be 90 days now). A little early to be doing a countdown, isn't it? Saw some shops selling Halloween decorations today, so that almost seems last minute by comparison (only a month early).

Meanwhile, some updates on the feline front. There are at least 4 distinct cats who hang around in our back yard, and I've now identified 3, by talking to the girl next door. Two of them belong to our neighbours, and a third (which hangs around a lot) used to belong to the people who lived here before us. Well, I say "belong", but I heard a phrase recently - "Dogs have owners, cats have staff", which I suspect is more applicable :) Anyway, apparently they didn't treat him very well, and when they moved out he ran away, so they left without him. Since I've only heard one side of this, I'm trying to reserve judgement, but it does lower my opinion of our predecessors (since I've been forwarding on their post). So far, Cruiser (odd name for a cat!) has been hanging around outside, looking in, and being fed by us and next door. However, he won't enter the house, and he always retreats whenever I put food down for him - he comes back to eat it once I've moved away. Definitely something wrong there. Hopefully he'll come to trust me in due course. In the meantime, at least it means that I don't have to feel guilty about luring other people's pets away (since we basically feed any cats that turn up) - makes sense for us to adopt this one. I don't know where he sleeps - presumably under a bush somewhere. So, next chance I get I'll buy a cat basket, and leave it outside for him to use. Then maybe move it inside later.