October 6th, 2002

(no subject)

Just finished the big House Party, which went well. Lots of food was cooked and eaten, and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Something I forgot to mention yesterday - when I was in Oxford Street, I bumped into the girl who conned me out of all that money a while back. I didn't notice her at first, but she stopped me as I was walking past, much as she did last time. I then recognised her, although she didn't remember me at first, so I refreshed her memory. Nothing judgmental - I just said "I was the guy who bought you 300 quids worth of sports shoes". Anyway, I thought that she might be embarrassed or something at that point, but no; she was completely shameless, and asked me if I could help her out again (i.e. give her money). I said no, and told her that I'm now a student with zero income, so I'm no longer in a position to help her. She still kept asking, but I was firm, and still said no, until she gave up and I walked away. So, it's good to know that I can learn from experience :)