October 10th, 2002

(no subject)

Went to my first research seminar yesterday - in contrast to the rest of the course so far, this was a lot more complex, and most of it went over my head. Still, I only need to use 5 out of 12 lectures for my research paper, so some of the others (future ones) may be more appropriate.

Today's been quiet - it's my "no lectures" day. Got up at noon - I seem to be sleeping a lot more lately, e.g. 11 hours last night. Well, probably doing me good. Assembled my first attempt at an Atog deck (Magic), and went along to the evening session in the library, which was fairly quiet, due to the ICSF barnight. Came home, and fed the various cats. Then had a slightly embarrassing moment when one of our neighbours came round saying "Our cat's missing, have you seen her?" (Said cat, Bubbles, was in our kitchen at the time.) So, they probably think we're cat-napping now - oh well :)

Meanwhile, had a comment on one of my old journal entries from August - looks like the company concerned is trawling the web looking for people who've linked to them. Well, nice to be appreciated!

Tomorrow I'm taking my bicycle in for a service, so I need to get up relatively early (try to leave the house by 9am). So, bedtime...