October 17th, 2002

(no subject)


Someone's been sending out porn spam, and faking my address. E.g. a sample message says "From: john3615f13@golgotha.demon.co.uk To: john@golgotha.demon.co.uk

So, when it can't be delivered for some reason (mailbox doesn't exist, user over quota, message looks like spam), I get the bounces coming back to me. >30 last night, and I've just waded through another 57 when I checked my email this morning. Grr. Oh well, I'm going to get rid of my Demon account soon (since I use golgotha.org.uk as my preferred domain nowadays), so that will be one way of solving the problem. Unfortunately, I can't see any easy way of tracking down the person responsible - all I have is a list of IP addresses :(