October 30th, 2002

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Been a mixed few days.

Good news - I won my first Ebay auction on Friday, for a copy of Biggles. It's a great film, and I've been looking for a copy for ages - it's now been deleted in the UK, and the DVD release got cancelled, so it was hard to find. Anyway, that arrived yesterday, so I watched it last night. It's very much an 80s film, with all that entails, e.g. the funky soundtrack. The guy who played Biggles was great - quite like the way Dan Dare is done in the Saturday morning series. Cut-glass accent, and completely unflappable. Anyway, enough raving - you should all go and watch it!

On the downside, there's been a bit of friction within ICSF lately, but hopefully that will resolve itself soon.

Had an interesting lecture this afternoon. Collapse )