December 8th, 2002

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Hmm, no entries for a few days - time for a quick round-up.

Wednesday: Went into college for research seminar in the afternoon. I followed it ok, but this is one of those holy war issues. Basically, there are two camps in AI, and this lecturer was from the "cognitive science" group, and I'm from the other one :) Ah well. In the evening, watched the new episode of Stargate on Sky - nice to be ahead of the USA for a change.

Thursday: Went off to Imperial for dance class in the evening. We've now moved beyond the basic steps, and so we get instructions from the teacher like "Do a spin-turn from Foxtrot, then a quickstep chassis". The scary thing is that I actually understand what that means (more or less) :) Curiously, it was a male majority this week - 8 boys/4 girls. Not a major problem, but slightly surprising. Went on to Magic afterwards, and there weren't many people there either - guess there are various end of term events keeping people busy. Still, had a few good games there, and went out for dinner afterwards.

Friday: Short day in college - we've now finished the syllabus for graph theory, so we just picked up some revision material. Got some useful hints about the exam too (e.g. that 50% of it will be the same as last year's paper), so I'm pretty confident about that. Also swapped emails with one of our course reps (hi Rileen), to discuss the way the courses have been going this term.

Saturday: Been a pretty lazy day. Main accomplishment being that I've done the new TV list for ICSF.

Aside from all this, been doing the usual stuff, e.g. chatting to friends on IRC, watching TV. Also been going through some notes from my course, verifying a couple of proofs. And I'm currently reading "Serpent" (Clive Cussler nover), kindly lent by kukumavka.

Cat stuff

Well, I've been vaguely productive today, and the bathroom is now looking shiny.

Aside from this, been thinking a bit about recent developments on the feline front. Collapse )