John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Summer nights

The weekend rolls around again, so I'm splitting my time between SJA duties and slobbing around in front of the TV. I really need to book some annual leave soon, so that I can actually get something productive done (e.g. finishing my decorating)...

Anyway, I was out at the athletics again today, and they had nice weather for it. One interesting thing I found out is that the starters' pistols are real guns; the starters only fire blanks, but the guns are perfectly capable of firing real bullets, so they have to be kept locked away in a safe. Tomorrow I'm off to the Biggin Hill airshow, which is normally quite a tiring day, but some of the planes are quite impressive.

Meanwhile, last night I watched Flushed Away. I was a bit dubious about it when I first saw the trailer, but shuripentu recommended it a while back, so I stuck it on my Amazon DVD rental list. As with Cars, my main concern was with the world-building aspects; in this case, I can cheerfully accept anthropomorphic animals who wear clothing and recycle rubbish into useful machines (Wombles!), but I get stuck when they are co-existing with oblivious humans (e.g. able to have telephone conversations). Still, once I got past that I enjoyed the film, since it has a lot of charm, and some of their ideas were truly inspired; I don't think it's as good as Wallace & Gromit, but it will probably appeal to the same audience. (Mind you, if you don't like jokes based on national stereotypes, this probably isn't the right film for you.) It's a relatively short film (1h 10m), but the trailer only covers the first 10 minutes (and there were a few character changes made after that), so it doesn't give too much away. The film also has quite an impressive voice cast, and I think the best compliment I can give them is that I didn't recognise them, i.e. I identified them as their characters. Still, Sir Ian McKellen continues to surprise me with his versatility.

Speaking of TV, I thought that the latest two episodes of Doctor Who were very good, showing a return to form after a rather dire episode (the first time I've been so bored that I was tempted to turn it off half way through). As an example, the headmaster had a fairly small role, but his character was well developed. If you liked that story, I'd recommend the Trek novel Ishmael, which deals with a similar theme.
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