February 8th, 2004

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First up, my PC is now running properly again, which is good. Short version: there was a compatibility problem between the sound card and one of the RAM channels, but installing the latest sound card drivers fixed that. So, no more random freezing, huzzah! It even plays "the mp3 ... of DOOM!" so there wasn't a problem with that file after all.

Meanwhile, things are moving again on the flat-buying front (after a brief period of stagnation). Collapse )

Yesterday was Picocon, which was a lot of fun. It's certainly more relaxing to be there when I'm not involved in organising the thing, and I thought it all ran very smoothly (although I'm guessing that there was a lot of frantic running around by the committee behind the scenes). Some interesting panels, given that I haven't ready any books by any of the GoHs. And I enjoyed "Paycheck" (the film in the evening). It's not going to be a genre classic, but it was fun. If I had to describe it in one word, I'd say "MacGyver".

Looking ahead, the main other thing on the horizon is my MSc project. Collapse )

Incidentally, how heavily are other people being affected by the MyDoom virus? I'm getting about 100 emails a day because of that (either copies of the virus sent to me, or bounces from attempts that were sent in my name). The odd thing is that the majority of those are to non-existent email addresses, e.g. brenda@golgotha.org.uk. I receive them at the moment because I own the entire domain, and get my email via POP3, but once I get my email through SMTP (to Exchange) they'll all get bounced. Ah well, it doesn't take long to delete them, so it's not a huge problem.

Anyway, I now have an impressively thick stack of comics to read, so that should take care of the next few hours, while I'm waiting for the Sky repair guy to turn up. I also have the "Freaky Friday" soundtrack - I was most impressed that they included the 30 second karaoke version of "Hit me baby one more time", although it probably helps if you've seen the film to get the right context for that.