July 24th, 2004

A better day

Well, today has been a long day, but it's gone a lot better than yesterday (as well as being better than I'd expected).

I spent most of the day at the flat - there's been a fair bit of progress since my last visit, I no longer have to pay cash in advance, and all in all I'm happy with the way that Fergus is handling it. I should be able to move in a fortnight (Friday 6th August), although I've got my next progress report due in that day so I'll probably wait until the following week. And I did a bit of underfloor cabling (TV and telephone), which adds a new skill to my repertoire.

In the evening, I went off to watch "80 days around the world", which I enjoyed. Collapse )

I've just read issue 2 of the new Ghostbusters comic, which I strongly recommend to anyone who liked the original film. Essentially, the timeline diverged three ways after that:
1. The second film.
2. The animated series (Real Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters).
3. The comic.
It's funny, it has a good plot, and most importantly the characterisation is spot on. I can believe that these are the same people I saw in the film, but they aren't just repeating the same behaviour. For instance, Ray is getting disillusioned about his career - he wanted to be a serious scientist, but he hasn't got the recognition he hoped for (people treat him as a fraud or a glorified exterminator).