August 6th, 2004

More moaning

Well, it's been a busy few days, and I've been averaging about 5 hours sleep a night so far this week. Between the project (second progress report due tomorrow), making daily visits to Croydon, and - oh yeah - my actual job, there just aren't really enough hours in the day.

On Tuesday evening, I stayed up until 2:30 trying to get my time warp factors working in the bee simulation (the idea being to run it in "fast forward" rather than real-time). I then decided to lie down for a minute and rest my eyes. Next thing I knew, it was 7:30. Considering that I was still fully clothed, and my light was on, it's a warning sign that I'm pushing the limits of my endurance.

The plus point was that I got into work fairly early yesterday (at least by my standards), at 10:15. I left at 18:15 (only took 15 mins for lunch) to go down to Croydon, then got back to the office at 22:15, and stayed there until 03:00. Basically, someone's PC had got completely infested by spyware, and it took a scorched earth approach when I tried to remove it... Since I wasn't in the office today, and I figured that she'd like to have a working computer, that meant a late night reformatting etc. I got back here at about 4:15, then stayed up until 5:30 getting my progress report written. The thing is that I had to get it approved by my supervisor, which means I need to give him a reasonable amount of lead time, and by staying up I could get it to him for whenever he got up this morning. I wound up exaggerating a couple of things on it, basically because what I've really achieved so far isn't very impressive, but I figure that it's ok as long as I can "catch up" with the report by tomorrow evening, i.e. so that it will be an accurate report as of the submission date.

I was out of the office today - Friday is my usual study day, but I swapped it this week to work around other people's holiday schedules. I took advantage of that by trekking into college to hand in the report (once I heard that the supervisor was happy with it), and heading down to Croydon again.

Speaking of Croydon, there have been some more delays. Collapse )

Anyway, I'll end with these inspirational words from Lucifer to his team: "You'll have to rise above your individual hatreds and mistrusts, otherwise you'll die. Or else you'll live, but come back unsuccessful. In which case I'll kill most of you anyway. Good luck." Funniest thing I read all day, and it cheered me up.