October 4th, 2004

MSc results

Good news - I've just picked up my transcript, and I passed my project (55%) and therefore the MSc as a whole. It's still provisional at this point, but there's no reason for it to change before the official results come out (at the end of the month, I think).

Now to plan out my next steps...

Free DS9 videos

Since I may have accidentally spent my bonus on the complete DS9 DVD set (ahem), I now have a couple of VHS tapes that I no longer need. Anyone want them? They are "The Emissary" (double-length episode from the start of season 1), and one of the tapes from the "Star Trek Greatest Battles" box-set which contains "Way of the Warrior" (both parts), "To The Death", and "Empok Nor".

Get 'em while they're in-a-not-quite-obsolete-yet-format :)