October 10th, 2004


A couple of recent film viewings:

* Hellboy - I didn't rush off to see this, because I thought it looked pretty stupid in the posters. I was aware that it was based on a comic, but it's not a comic I've ever read, so that wasn't much of an incentive. However, other people were enthusiastic, and I enjoyed it. I think it basically worked as a comedy rather than an action/adventure film, but that's ok, and I may pick up one of the comics as a result.

* Sky Captain - This was pretty nifty. I used to watch the old black and white serials like "King of the Rocket Men!" when I was a kid, so there's a definite nostalgia factor. At the same time, it wasn't as blatantly silly as the Captain Proton episode of Voyager (which I also enjoyed, but in a different way).

* Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - I recorded this a while back, and finally got round to watching it. I'm glad I did, just to "complete the set", but I wasn't very impressed by it; there were a few funny parts, and a good performance from Eliza Dushku, but I don't think it's as clever as it thinks it is. Mind you, I do recognise the irony in me criticising it on the internet.

I got the Aladdin DVD the other day, although I haven't watched it properly yet, just flicked through some of the extras. I was interested in the trailer for Mulan 2 - I'm generally sceptical about Disney sequels (particularly the "straight to video" ones), but this one actually looks quite good.

And I may go off to see "The Princess Diaries 2", just for Stan Lee's cameo...


The continuing saga of the gas installation...

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Anyway, this should hopefully all be finished by the end of the month, so I'll be inviting people round in due course. My current plan re: flatwarming is to have a few small parties rather than one big one, until I get an idea of how many people can comfortably fit into the flat.

Meanwhile, my flat is apparently up for sale again. Well, actually it's the flat above me, but the estate agents have got confused and put the sign outside my window, and the wrong floor in the website info. I've emailed them, so I'll see how long it takes them to sort it out.