February 20th, 2005

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Not much to report from this week (other than today); I've been keeping busy at work. I've booked my next Microsoft exam (SQL Server, 70-229) for Thursday, so now I need to get a move on and read the books. This will definitely benefit the company, so that we can become a Microsoft Partner and get cheap licences for some software. Nobody's actually putting pressure on me to take the exam, but I can see that there's a need for it, so I'm taking it a bit sooner than I'd like; studying for it will probably eat most of my spare time between now and then.

Things are basically stable on the flat front; I've got everything I need, and there's just a few minor things left for the builders to sort out in due course. The main thing left for me to do is the decorating - it's weird, but trying to choose what colour to paint the walls is taking me much longer than when I made the decision to actually buy the flat! Anyway, I'm hoping to get that all finished by the end of March, which will then be a year after I bought the flat, which seems like a good target to aim for. I am still planning a flatwarming, but the first three weekends in April are all reserved for SJA (I'm doing my FAW course on the first two, then doing duty at the London Marathon on the third), so it won't be until after that.

Today was Picocon, so I went to Imperial for that. Collapse )