February 26th, 2005

TV problems

In unfortunate news, my TV has stopped working. The sound cut out last weekend, after making the same kind of brief static noise that you sometimes get when you unplug headphones from speakers. I tried turning it off and back on again, but now I can't get a picture either, just a black screen.

I've tried getting it repaired, and T-V-R said they'd send someone round on Monday, but he didn't turn up. (It's never a good sign when you phone a company, and they start by saying "I'm not being funny, but...") Then Ambervision (aka Tellyshop.com) sent someone round this afternoon, but when their guy turned up he looked at the TV and said "No way, I'm not carrying that, it's too big", and left. (He also advised me that I shouldn't try lifting it myself if I ever want to have sex in the future.) Given that I told the guy on the phone how big/heavy it was, it would have been more convenient if they'd told me they couldn't handle it in advance, but hey. I've tried phoning a few other companies from the Yellow Pages, but either their phone numbers don't work, they don't do TV repairs anymore, or they just have an answerphone and don't reply to messages. Maybe TV repair is a dying industry, if people tend to replace/upgrade rather than getting things repaired nowadays?

So, I think that I either need to find a company that can fix it here (which is difficult), or hire professional movers to take it to/from the shop (which is expensive), or just write this thing off and replace it (which is also expensive, and leaves me with the problem of how to get rid of the current one). If I do replace it, I'll probably go for LCD, so that I can actually lift the thing by myself and get it down narrow corridoors ok. All a bit of a nuisance though...