March 13th, 2005

Weekly round-up

Hmm, another week, another LJ update...

My main news is that I've decided to make another attempt to lose weight, by eating more healthily. Collapse )

Meanwhile, it was Red Nose Day on Friday. I haven't really paid much attention to that in previous years (and haven't worn a red nose since I was about 15), but one of my colleagues came round on Thursday trying to get people involved. She persuaded a couple of the other guys to dye their hair red, and got me to wear my Spider-Man costume for the day. I'd hoped to lose a bit more weight before I put it on again, but it wasn't as embarrassing as I'd feared, and I raised 85 quid from it, so it was worth it. I then suggested custard pies as another fundraiser (starting with the afore-mentioned colleague), which raised another 30 quid. Some photos are here, for anyone who's interested.

I haven't got any further with my decorating plans, but I've decided to focus on getting my accounts up to date, so I think that will keep me busy for the rest of the day.

Aside from that, I'm doing general maintenance on my freelance applications (mainly ComCount, RoomPlan, BioDome, and my books database front-end), based on the new techniques I've learnt recently (as used at work). I think these are all good changes, to make the applications more robust/secure, but it does mean that I spend a lot of time programming without actually improving the functionality. In a way, it reminds me of the Tower of Babel. The first time I read that story, it didn't actually mention anything about different languages; the basic gist was that people wanted to build a tower up to Heaven, but each new generation said "We've got a better design than the old one, so let's tear it down and start again" so it never actually got finished. A bit like the "hare and the tortoise" story, I guess. Ah well, there are only a finite number of changes to make, so I will eventually finish them.

And finally, I've solved the mystery of why some credits (for TV programs) were being cut off on my TV before - it turns out that a lot of programs are now broadcast in widescreen, and the 4:3 "pan-and-scan" area isn't always wide enough to get everything in. In particular, Smallville and Stargate (SG-1 and Atlantis) are filmed that way. So, something to bear in mind if anyone's considering buying a new TV.