September 24th, 2005

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Well, another busy week, between work and first aid. I did SJA duty at Selsdon Park (for Crystal Palace football games) on Tuesday evening and then again today. This was complicated by the fact that I wound up doing an 18 hour shift at work yesterday (10am to 4am), so I didn't get home until gone 6am this morning. I then got a bit of sleep, until I was woken up at 8:30 by the postman. Back to bed again, and then up at about 12:15 to go on duty. So, I'm feeling a bit tired at this point.

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On a lighter note, I've been discovering the pitfalls of having a common name. When I was on duty at the duathlon last weekend, there were two Marks and two Johns on the same station. On Tuesday, there were three of each (in the stadium as a whole), and I was paired off with another John at my station. Other people in the division have been muttering about thinking up nicknames for us, to reduce the confusion...

Meanwhile, following gaspodog's suggestion from a while back, I'm now a member of the Royal Institution (the people who do the Christmas science lectures on BBC2). Admittedly, one shallow motivation was that I get to add extra letters to the alphabet soup after my name - my current score is "John C. Kirk, BSc (Hons) (Dunelm) MSc MBCS MIAP MRI". But I did enjoy the Christmas lectures that I saw a few years ago (Susan Greenfield's about the human brain), and I now get cheap/free entry to their events, so it's a bit like being able to go to university lectures again. I just need to squeeze them into my non-existent free time, and clear my magazine backlog, then I can take out a subscription to "New Scientist"... Anyway, I'm mainly mentioning this here because they have "Friday Evening Discourses", which are black tie events that are only open to members and guests, not the general public. So, if you'd like to go to one, give me a yell; I'm not planning to attend all of them, but it doesn't hurt to ask. In particular, I think that the code breaking one on 28th October looks quite interesting.

Oh, and finally some free advice to people in the Croydon area - avoid "Samo's Pizza". They do good food, but their delivery service is terrible.


One for the meat eaters here. Well, vegetarians are also welcome to vote/comment, but I can probably guess what you're going to say :)

Over on my main website, I've explained my reasons for going vegetarian. In particular, I realised that I had a double standard, where I didn't like the idea of eating things that were cute and fluffy (specifically cats) but I was happy to eat pigs/cows. Similarly, I didn't like the idea of haggis or sheep's eyeballs, even though intellectually I'm sure that it's no worse than the internal organs that go into the average sausage. So, I solved this by becoming more consistent in my views.

However, one thing I have noticed is that many of my friends tilt the other way. E.g. I've heard people referring recently to "Bambi, quackers, and [something] pie", i.e. deer, duck, and [something that I've forgotten]. In other words, they recognise what they're doing, and are comfortable with that, rather than taking my old approach of "La la la, I can't hear you!"

So, poll time. This isn't intended to sound at all confrontational, and I apologise if it comes across that way; I am genuinely interested to hear opinions on this.

Poll #576736 Eating cats and dogs

Would you be willing to eat meat from a cat and/or dog?

Yes (or at least I'd be willing to try it)

For the purposes of this poll, assume that the animals in question were the equivalent of cattle, i.e. bred in captivity in order to be eaten, and not treated particularly badly (not pampered like household pets, but not kept in tiny cages either).