February 19th, 2006

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Ok, my comic is now basically finished (at least in this incarnation), so I enclose the whole thing here, i.e. the two previous pages and the two new pages, along with a bit more commentary.

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Thanks to sammoore for the kind words on IRC - if anyone else has flattery or (constructive) criticism that they'd like to send my way, then feel free :) In particular, if you can't read the speech bubbles then I can post a transcript.

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So, it looks like I need to resume the WeightWatchers plan - 11 months after I joined (and 6 months after I dropped off it), I'm now basically back where I started.

I know that some people are sensitive about this subject, so if you have any strong feelings about me mentioning it in my LJ then leave a comment. I'm willing to hide things behind cut-tags, but I'm not willing to set up a custom friends filter, because that would exclude readers without LJ accounts. If that's still going to make you uncomfortable, then you can take this as advance warning that you should probably drop me off your default view.