February 20th, 2006

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Well, today has been a fairly productive day, all in all.

I took the day off work so that I'd be around for the plumber's visit - he's now got rid of all the (rusty) iron pipes from the water main, and also fixed the separate problem with my water pressure, and all of this was done with only minimal demolition (just the skirting board, not the wall/floor), which is good.

In the evening, I went off on SJA duty to Buckingham Palace. Collapse )

There was also something else that I was stressing about last night, but it turns out that I'd just got the wrong end of the stick; I know that's cryptic, but thanks to the people who (unknowingly) set my mind at rest :)

Another day off work tomorrow, mainly because I thought that the plumbing would take two days, so I'll be waiting for the Sky guy to turn up and replace my Digibox, which will hopefully resolve the problem with it freezing every so often. One by one, I tick things off my "to do" list...