February 28th, 2006

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So, following up on my previous entry, I've now resumed the WeightWatchers plan. I had a bit of a false start last week, where I was fine on Monday, then blew it for the rest of the week, so rather than trying to catch up from -N points I waited for the score to reset at the weekend.

Generally, I think it's a warning sign if my weight in kg would work in a radio jingle. E.g. "98.1 - Doobeedoo FM!" (Although that's based on my height, so might vary for other people.)

I think that a lot of this comes down to a matter of routine. I dropped off the plan last July, which coincided with my birthday and with me starting a new job. Having the canteen available at work is convenient, but it also makes it difficult to track the calorie content of what I'm eating. More generally, there's an issue of eating at home vs going to shops. When I went back to PMSI after my year out (doing my MSc), one of my colleagues said that I seemed to have lost about half my body weight. I don't think it was quite that drastic, but I do think it was significant that I was making my own meals, so cereal/sandwiches worked out fairly healthily. Extra sleep and exercise probably helped too.

Anyway, I started tracking my points again today. I wasn't sufficiently organised to take sandwiches into work with me, but I bought some from the shop which had nutritional information on the side, so I was able to enter that into the WW website afterwards. It turned out to be a bit worrying - my lunch was sandwiches (two slices of bread, but cut diagonally into two sandwiches), 500ml Coke, a Yorkie bar, and a bag of Walkers Marmite crisps. That worked out as 24 points, out of the 30 that I'm allocated per day. Oops. Anyway, I skipped dinner, in favour of a pint of cider at the pub (for elvum's birthday) and a banana at home, and I earned 2 extra points by walking, so I've wound up just going 1 point over quota, which gets carried over to tomorrow. I do feel hungry though. Ah well, once I've got back into the swing of portion control, and my stomach has shrunk a bit, it will hopefully get easier.

It's Pancake Day tomorrow, and I've had invitations to a couple of gatherings, but I sadly have to decline them both in favour of SJA training. We're doing a proper course tomorrow/next week (Lifesaver Baby and Child), so it is something that I need to be there for, even if it does cause the standard conflict with my social life. It's not really practical to just make one or two pancakes at home, and eating them in bulk quantities would be nice but imprudent. Mind you, there is an amusing recipe on the main SJA website.