July 26th, 2007

Harry Potter spoilers

Following up on my posts at the weekend, I was able to avoid spoilers until I'd finished the final "Harry Potter" book, which I'm glad about. I have overheard some conversations in the last couple of days which gave away the ending (some people in a lounge when I was fixing a computer on Monday evening, and some kids on a bus on Tuesday morning), but I'm ascribing that to thoughtlessness rather than malice.

Tonight I came across this page at Encyclopaedia Dramatica:
Harry Potter: major spoilers
It does have a reasonable amount of blank space at the start of the page, but after that it gives away all of the significant events from the book. That's not so bad by itself, but it then goes into detail about ways to deliberately spoil the book for other people, e.g. pictures of T-shirts which say "[Character X] dies!"

Further down the page, it has video clips of people who read the leaked version, then went to the midnight bookstore openings with megaphones and shouted out all the spoilers. I do wonder about the best way to handle a situation like this. My gut reaction is to say that these guys are clearly arseholes, so they deserve to get the crap beaten out of them. However, it does concern me that I seem to be advocating violent solutions increasingly often, so I'd like to think that there's a better option; I know that the rest of you have disagreed with the way that I handled confrontations in the past, so I'm genuinely interested to know what you think about this.

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