January 2nd, 2008

Gym clothes

Happy New Year to those of you who celebrate arbitrary calendar events, and Happy Tuesday to those of you who don't.

It's traditional to make resolutions at this time of year, and join a gym with good intentions; I've taken the opposite approach, by cancelling my gym membership. Well, actually there's a bit more to it than that. PruHealth are offering discounts if you take out private health insurance with them:

The exact costs will vary depending on your circumstances, e.g. which gym you want to use and how often you go to it. In my case, it currently costs me £60/month to go to the Virgin Active in Croydon, and it will cost £61/month from February onwards. With PruHealth, I'll pay £35/month for health insurance and £15/month for the gym, as long as I go at least twice a week, i.e. it will be cheaper each month even if I assume that the health insurance is worthless. The snag is that I need to re-join the gym through them, so I have to pay a new joining fee (£25) and the "occasional" rate (£40/month) for the first quarter. So, it will be a bit more expensive at first, but I've calculated 9 months as the break-even point, i.e. from November onwards I'll be saving money.

Normally when I go to the gym, I just use the pool; I enjoy swimming, but I get bored with weights. However, I see that Virgin are installing a couple of new machines which look quite fun:
* Jacob's Ladder climbing treadmill.
* Cardio Wave ice-skating/roller-blading simulator.
So, I'll try them out, and I ought to do some more cycling too (after my last attempt at an RPM class in July 2006). However, this raises some questions about clothing.

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