December 21st, 2012

CompTIA exams

Back in 2007, I passed the CompTIA A+ exams. Since then, there have been a few changes to the way these exams work. Unfortunately, CompTIA haven't done a very good job of explaining it all; it makes volume licensing seem clear and simple by comparison!

In brief, if you currently have the A+, Network+, or Security+ qualification, you should enroll in the CE program. The deadline for enrollment is 31st December, so there's not much time left. (If this applies to anyone you know, please pass this info on to them.)

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By the way, LiveJournal have now implemented a way to cross-reference tags; I'm not sure how new this is, but it's something I've wanted for quite a while. So, if I want to just find the posts where I've talked about computer exams, I can do it like this:,computers?mode=and