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Harry Potter book leaked

(This post contains no spoilers.)

Going through my RSS feeds this morning, Bruce Schneier reported that the new Harry Potter book has been leaked onto the internet (as a set of scanned images). The latest Joy of Tech comic is also based on this news. So far this doesn't seem to have been reported in the mainstream news organisations, but I'm sure that's just a matter of time.

Thinking back to my post on Captain America #25, I do wonder how much detail the news organisations will go into. One obvious approach would be to read the last few pages and then announce the significant events (e.g. who survives and who dies), either as a headline or in the story.

So, predictions please:

Poll #1023519 Harry Potter spoilers

Will news organisations report major spoilers before the book is published?

Yes, in the headline/front page
Yes, but tucked away inside

Which organisations are likely to publish spoilers?

Tabloids (e.g. The Sun)
"World class" (e.g. the BBC)

Will you look at spoilers before the book comes out?

Yes, tell me now!
I'll read them if I come across them, but I won't seek them out.
No, no, and thrice no!

I think I can avoid the relevant newspapers and websites easily enough, but the main challenge will be helpful friends, e.g. "Hey, John, you read Harry Potter don't you - this will interest you..." "NO! La-la-la, can't hear you!"

I'm allowing comments to this post, but screening all from "Non-friends"; if you do read the spoilers, please don't put them here. (That also applies to fake ones.)
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