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It's the way you play the game - John C. Kirk

Aug. 24th, 2002

12:22 am - It's the way you play the game

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Date:August 24th, 2002 02:46 am (UTC)

I know the feeling ...

There are alternative win conditions for magic, such as ways to win by having lots of life, lots of creatures, or 200 cards in your library :)

I'm not quite sure how to build a cooperative win condition into Magic, though :)

I must confess that I've done some Munchkin things in Civ, like selling off my buildings to pay for the space voyage or mindlessly building all of the Wonders to get those extra points ...

There's a David Gemmell book (Lion of Macedonia) where the hero is playing a war game, and does something that would not have been a good idea in a real war to win the game. It depends I guess on whether you feel that exploiting the difference between the game and reality is a good idea, especislly if the game is supposed to teach you about reality ;-)
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