John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Things that made me smile

Last week, John Kovalic (the guy who does Dork Tower) posted some photos of his new kittens in his LiveJournal. I like cats, but I tend to steer clear of overly cute photos (e.g. long-haired kittens with bows tied around their heads). However, these pictures just made my heart melt, and whenever I look at them I just sit here with a big grin on my face. I could sympathise with this comment:

"Y'know, I'm supposed to be running a DOOM game at a con in a couple of weeks and I really should get into this mindset of violence, blood, and maiming but now...

not so much."

Similarly, I'm not generally a fan of the "LOLcats", but I did like the captions that were attached to some photos the following day (particularly the third and fourth).

This evening I went along to Asda, and I heard one of their adverts over the tannoy. Normally these are fairly dull, e.g. "2 for 1 on fishfingers", but this one was a bit different; the speaker introduced himself as "the Count", with a Transylvanian accent that's straight out of Sesame Street, and he went on about the various items in their Halloween aisle. The advert actually lasted a few minutes, and it had various corny lines like "Go there ... if you dare! Ha ha ha!"

Now, I'm not planning to buy any of the Halloween items, but I actually started laughing while I was listening to the advert. I think it worked so well because it was being played straight rather than being ironic, self-aware, post-modern, etc. I didn't get the impression that the voice actor was rolling his eyes, in an "I can't believe I'm having to say all this" way; instead, he suggested that you really would be taking your life in your hands if you ventured into that aisle. For my part, I wasn't sneering at the advert, I was entertained by the sheer enthusiasm (and the silly accent). So, that's brightened my day, and I recommend listening to it if you get the chance.
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