John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk


Been quite an energetic day so far, considering it's a Saturday.

Got up at 9am this morning, to watch Dan Dare. Fun episode, even if the concept was a little dubious (a planet hidden inside the sun). Then off to Acton, to collect my Amazon order. Then up to the local post office here, to get another package - turned out to be my replacement Terminator DVDs, which was a nice surprise - it's been about a month since I posted them off, so I'd forgotten they were due back. Then into Oxford Street to do some shopping. I've got some extra comic boxes, in preparation for the move, since I'll have to unload all my filing cabinets. Then another trip back out to the supermarket.

And now I'll slump in the flat for the rest of the day :)
Tags: tv

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