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Redundant books

I've just started reading through Wendell Odom's study guides for the Cisco CCNA certification, but I was a bit confused at Amazon and wound up ordering the wrong thing by mistake. So, here's a clarification, in case it's relevant to anyone else. If you want to get the CCNA, there are two ways to do it: you can take one exam that covers everything (640-802), or you can do one exam for the CCENT qualification (640-822) and then a second exam to get the CCNA (640-816).

There are two related books:
CCENT/CCNA ICND1 Official Exam Certification Guide (CCENT Exam 640-822 and CCNA Exam 640-802)
CCNA ICND2 Official Exam Certification Guide (CCNA Exams 640-816 and 640-802)
As the names suggest, you only need the ICND1 book if you're going for the CCENT exam, but you need both books for the CCNA, whether you do it as one or two exams. You can buy both books together in a box set:
CCNA Official Exam Certification Library (CCNA Exam 640-802)

In my case, I started out by getting the ICND1 book, then found that it didn't have the info I needed. ("The concept and configuration for VLAN trunking is beyond the scope of this book, but it is covered in detail in the ICND2 Official Exam Certification Guide, Chapters 1 and 3.") So, I meant to order that, but actually got the box set by mistake, i.e. I now have two copies of book 1. Looking at the prices on Amazon, the box set is currently £25.79 while book 2 is £26.09, so it's not as if I wasted any money, although in hindsight I would have been better off buying the box set instead of book 1 alone (currently priced at £17.39).

Anyway, the upshot of all this is that I now have a spare copy of book 1. I can return it to Amazon, but since it was my mistake I'll have to pay for postage and it will take 30 days for them to refund my money. (In fact, last time I returned something it took them a year and much prodding from me!) So, does anyone else want it? If I'm likely to see you in person, I'm happy to sell it for £15.
Edit: I've now listed my copy on Amazon, so you can buy it there if you're interested.
Edit 2: Book now sold.

As a related issue, I have some Sluggy books up for grabs; these are the original versions of books 1-6 (i.e. half the height of the newer books), and some of the covers have come loose, but they're still perfectly readable. Anyway, they're free to a good home, so shout if you want them.
Edit: Books now gone.
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