John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

I aten't dead

Hmm, been a week since my last entry. Not intentional, so quick catch-up.

The general clearing up here continues. I was amused by a comment in one of the old computer magazines (cover date November 2001, so probably came out last September). The article was saying that the mobile phone market was saturated - everybody who wanted a phone now owned one, so nobody would bother replacing it unless they brought out a phone with a colour screen and webcam. That was just a throwaway comment, along the lines of "You'd need carpet on the keys", but it's now come true - the latest Sony-Ericsson T68i has colour screen and camera. Prescient!

The house is now basically sorted out. We signed the contracts on Tuesday, and picked up keys. Then had a hiccup - turned out that the garage wasn't included with the house, even though the agency had shown us round. We've now talked to the landlord (very friendly/reasonably guy), and so we will get it, but it was a stressful few days... I've been round to the new house a couple of times in the last few days, and so far we've had two cats camping out on the patio, as well as two rabbits hopping around next door's garden!

Work going ok. Doesn't feel like I'm leaving next Friday, but it will be good to have some time off.

Got my enrollment documents through from Kings yesterday, which was another load off my mind (since it means they received my acceptance letter ok). Also, they only want my degree certificate for proof of qualifications, not GCSE/A level certificates. Which is good, since the degree certificate is the only one I have :)

Watched "The Winslow Boy" on TV last weekend. I saw the play of that when I was at school, and enjoyed it, so it was good to watch it again. Good cast too (including Nigel Hawthorne). On a similar note, I see that "The Importance of Being Earnest" is out at the cinema soon - that's another play I enjoyed. Now I think about it, I used to go to the theatre a lot when I was at school - I think I took it for granted, really, and didn't fully appreciate it. (We had a theatre on the school grounds, and pupils got free admission if there were any spare tickets left.) I can't remember the last time I went to the theatre offhand - maybe 5 years ago? And that was to see a friend performing in a musical - not that I didn't enjoy it (I did), but it wasn't a spontaneous decision. I go to the cinema fairly often (at least once a month), so I really ought to be more cultured. Not like theatres are thin on the ground in the West End... I don't have much interest in Shakespeare plays etc., but I'm sure there are plays by Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde etc. around somewhere. Hmm.
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