John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Funny links

A few things that have amused me recently:

* "LawDog" (an American police officer in a small town) describes being called out to deal with a ghost infestation:
("We'd show up, she'd let us into the huge old house, the officer would go upstairs and read a stern warning to the ghosts.")

* Tonight E4 showed all the Christmas episodes of Friends, so they've been advertising this during the week. I was impressed by the advert: I think that they really went above and beyond the call of duty, by describing it in a song (to the tune of "the 12 days of Christmas").
They also show a certain amount of self-awareness: "And you'll ask, why the heck have you given that to me, when Friends is on twice daily?"

* This is older news, although I missed it at the time. Apparently there was a state visit last month from the monarch of Saudi Arabia, and he visited Buckingham Palace. Normally the army band would play the national anthem, but on this occasion they played the Imperial March from Star Wars!
(The clip is 7 minutes long, but the funny bit is just the first 25 seconds.)

Edit: According to this page, the Channel 4 report was edited in a misleading way, and the band played that music before the monarch arrived. I don't have any strong feelings about Saudi Arabia, but I do like the idea of the army band doing that on purpose. So, instead, here's a similar mix-up, between the "Czech flag" and a "check flag" (a la Formula 1) during a state visit to Pakistan:

* If you say "beer can" (in an English accent), it sounds a lot like "bacon" (in a Jamaican accent); the challenge is trying to say it in such a way that they don't sound similar.

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