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Finished going through enough magazines to fill a box today, so I sealed that up and dumped it outside next to the bin. Went off to the cinema, and when I came back the box was still there, but it had been opened up. Damn those paparazzi!

Anyway, went to the cinema to see "The Guru", which was fun. Last time I went to the cinema (to see "Goldmember"), I was the only one there - a few more people turned up before the film started, but it was a bit weird to walk in and think "Am I in the right place?" This time, there were more people around, although it wasn't packed out.

The film itself was entertaining - anything that has the songs "You're the one that I want" (from Grease) and "The Macarena" within the first 2 minutes can't be bad :) It wasn't exactly gritty realism - beyond the spontaneous singing/dancing, the flying car was a bit weird. And it wasn't particularly moral - lying, deliberately breaking a confidence, and coveting. (My view is that other people's girlfriends are off-limits.) But it did make me laugh, which is always good, and it had a happy ending. Good cast - I was impressed by Heather Graham's versatility (comparing this to her role in "Lost in Space" for instance).

Wasn't sure about the trailers they showed - I have no interest in "My big fat Greek wedding" or "The Ya-Ya Sisterhood", and it was faintly disturbing that they thought I would (bad omen for the film I was about to watch)... Still, "The Bourne Identity" looks good, as does "Johnny English" (Rowan Atkinson film).

Admittedly, this isn't exactly up there on the cultural scales (thinking of yesterday's journal entry), but hey...
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