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National Treasure: Book of Secrets

I went off to the cinema tonight to watch National Treasure: Book of Secrets, which I really enjoyed. It's a completely ridiculous film, but it's fun; if you liked the first one, then I recommend watching this one too. (In fact, it's made me want to re-watch the first one.) It's also similar to the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, which makes sense given the production team. It's not exactly cerebral, since you don't get the chance to figure out the puzzles for yourself, but you do get to think "Hey, that's nifty". There's no extra scene after the end credits, so don't bother hanging around unless you want to listen to the music.

Aside from the film itself, there were various adverts and trailers beforehand. They started out with the latest Orange advert, this time featuring Snoop Dogg; you can see the advert on the Guardian website. This series of adverts has developed a bit in the last few years, at least from my point of view. Initially, they started out by taking a well known actor with a reasonable (if self-indulgent) idea for a film, and then trying to shoe-horn mobile phones into the plot; the whole point was to side with the actor, and see the Orange team as idiots. More recently, they've been playing up the angle that the Orange team are providing the funding for the (fictional) films, and therefore that they're entitled to get some say in how their money is spent. Also, since the Orange trio are getting increasingly familiar, that makes them more sympathetic. However, this new advert is the first time when I've come down completely on their side, rooting for them against the celebrity. This is mainly because I despise the "gangsta rap" genre, so I was sitting there thinking "Yeah, you tell him!"; I also liked the fact that the lead Orange guy stood his ground, refusing to be intimidated. I'm not sure whether this was quite what the advert intended, but it worked for me.

The first trailer was for The Other Boleyn Girl. It looks quite pretty, and I thought that The Queen (by the same writer) was very good; I don't normally watch period dramas, but I might take a look at this one when it comes out on DVD. In the meantime, I'll see about borrowing the novel from the library.

The next trailer was for Sex and the City: The Movie. I think not; I'm not really the target audience, since I never watched the TV series, and all I know about it is that the cast apparently hate each other. Mind you, the trailer seemed to be slightly confused about whether it's "coming soon" or "next year".

Next up, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. This looks excellent, so I definitely want to see it in the cinema; the only downside is that it's not due out until the end of June.

Finally, Speed Racer. Again, I think that I'm not really the target audience for this; it reminds me of the trailer I saw for Underdog a while back, in that both characters seem to be fairly well known in America but I don't think either TV series has ever been shown in the UK (at least on terrestrial). Also, I think they're both aimed at young children.

So, two out of four isn't a bad ratio, and bodes well for future entertainment.
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