John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Order out of chaos

Well, the quest for organisation continues.

Finally got round to handing in my resignation at work yesterday. They've know about it for ages, but I figured I ought to give them something for the file before I leave on Friday :) Technically, it still counts as a month's notice, since I've got 22 days of holiday leave saved up...

I'm looking forward to the MSc course. One good thing about it (as compared to my current job) is that I know now what all the deadlines are going to be - exams in January and May, and project in September. So, if I wind up doing last minute revision, it's my own fault for not planning ahead - they won't move the goalposts on me, and say "Actually, we're going to have the May exams in February instead". Should make a nice change.

Phoned the motorbike repair shop yesterday, and they said that they've now got the parts they were waiting for, so hopefully I'll get the bike back tomorrow. It's now been four months since the crash, so it will be good to be mobile again.

I've given the landlord a new key for our house, after we unfortunately locked him out (oops). Got the van booked for next Thursday, so that's when I'm doing my big move. Hopefully I can get my tidying up finished by Sunday, then do my actual packing next week.

Also got in touch with Registration Transfers. A few years back, when I had a car, I was told that the registration number (NHB 8X) was valuable (worth 350 quid), which is mainly why I paid 500 quid for the car itself (second hand Mini Metro). Anyway, after I moved to London, I didn't need the car anymore, and it cost too much to keep insuring it, doing MOT etc., so I just left it in its parking bay all the time. When I moved out of the Docklands, I left it behind, meaning to come back for it once I'd got settled in my new place. When I went back a year or so later <cough> it was gone - probably got towed away and destroyed by the council. Which is fine by me - saved me the cost of arranging for a scrapyard to do it. I'm assuming that the council would charge me if they wanted to - the car's in my name, and I'm registered with the DVLA in my current address, but they may not be that organised... Anyway, one of these days I'll have to fill out a form to say that I don't own the car anymore. In the short term, I've contacted RegTransfers, to tell them that I'm not selling the number plate anymore. Hopefully they won't be too annoyed with me (the last address they had for me was in Oxfordshire...).
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