John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Linux, beanbag

I've had a fairly productive weekend so far, tidying up my flat.

While I was shuffling books around between bookcases (so that similar ones are together), I came across my copy of the Red Hat Linux 9 Bible. I bought this back in October 2003, the idea being that I could set up my PC to dual-boot between Windows and Linux, and learn how to use it properly. However, I never got round to that, and wound up dual-booting between XP and Vista instead. Anyway, is that book still useful? Or would I be better off starting from scratch with a newer book if/when I get round to trying it out?

According to Wikipedia, Red Hat Linux has now been discontinued; this reminds me of what happened in Durham (in 1994), when I tried out the Yggdrasil distribution. Are there any current distributions which are likely to stay the course?

Meanwhile, I've been thinking about my beanbag sofa. It's very comfy, but it also takes up quite a lot of space, and I don't use it much; I hate to admit it, but I think I'd be better off without it. Would anyone else like it? It has a couple of small tears (about 1cm across) which I've covered with sellotape; it's still perfectly useable, but I don't think I'd get much for it on Ebay, so it's free to a good home. (Maybe the ICSF library?) You will need a car to collect it!
Tags: books, computers, decluttering

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