John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

April Fools Day

I normally do Google searches using the box in IE7, but when I noticed today's date I went to their home page for a change. They have a good track record of amusing ideas, and this year is no exception: they're recruiting for Virgle pioneers (to colonise Mars). That's actually something that sounds vaguely plausible, so I'd be quite tempted to really apply for that in a few years; it makes sense that computer skills and first aid experience would be a useful combination.

However, even though I was aware of the date, I've been fished in by a few other sites...

I started out by checking my daily webcomics, and went to Questionable Content, but it came up with Dinosaur Comics instead. That's a bit weird, but I figured that there was a DNS problem, and it would probably resolve itself later. After a bit more thought, it then occurred to me that this might be deliberate, so I went to (home of Dinosaur Comics), and saw an xkcd comic instead. Then at, they have the latest issue of Questionable Content, so we've gone full circle. That's quite a fun idea (especially since I read all three comics); I don't know whether any other sites are doing something similar.

Then I got this email through from Pizza Hut:

Pizza Hut email

Sadly, if you click on the link, it turns out that they won't do your washing up for you when they deliver a pizza. As with Virgle, this was just on the edge of plausibility.
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