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New house - John C. Kirk — LiveJournal

Sep. 18th, 2002

11:55 am - New house

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Well, things are going pretty well now. Did the big move last Thursday, and learned from my mistakes last year - this time I hired movers to shift all the heavy stuff for me. It was impressive how easily two of them hefted the TV around. When we moved it in, it was a case of "OK, up to the next step, heave! OK, put it down, take a break". When they moved it out, they just carried it all the way down the stairs without stopping. The company I used was Abbott Removals, who I'd definitely recommend.

So, now got our stuff in, and mostly unpacked. We've been painting the garage blue over the last couple of days, so it looks much better than it did before. And now we've got the ADSL up and running, so I can go online properly again, which is good.

Looking ahead, I've got my induction day at Kings on Friday, then term starts properly next Monday, so my little holiday is almost over. Still, I'm definitely looking forward to it.