John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Well, got most of my stuff out of storage now, thanks to Sure Move. The only thing left down there now is a bicycle, so I'll need to figure out what to do with that - at the very least I could move it to a smaller (cheaper) locker. So, we now have our home cinema up and running in the garage - the room looks so much better than it did when we moved in, now that it's been decorated.

Yesterday I went off to Kings, to register for the MSc course. That all went smoothly, so I am no longer a mere graduate - I am now a postgraduate! Pretty efficient process on the whole - they took the assembly line approach of "queue here, sign this, here's another stack of paper". Not particularly intellectually demanding - the hardest thing was finding one of the rooms (bizarrely, the numbers went from 14B to 31B, while 17B was round the corner and up a flight of stairs). Lectures start on Monday, and I've been given a timetable. Basically, I have to choose 4 out of 6 modules this term, but I don't have to tell them by choice until the 3rd of October, so I'll probably attend lectures for all 6 modules until then. Even so, that still means that I don't have any classes on Thursday, and only two hours on Monday/Wednesday. And if I take the choices I'm expecting to, I'll only have three hours on Tuesday/Friday. So, this doesn't look too demanding! Oh, and the earliest lecture is likely to be at noon - nice :) Admittedly, the idea is to do private study outside of lectures, rather than just loafing around, but I don't think I'm going to have much trouble with this. I was speaking to one of the guys there, who teaches one of the modules that I'm interested in. He said "We'll be teaching out of the book that my supervisor wrote, so get yourself a copy of that", which sounds familiar from my undergrad days... So, I bought that yesterday, and it's only about 250 pages long, so I should be able to read a decent chunk of that before the first lecture - give myself a head start.

Browsing around shops, I see that Steps have a new single out in November: Baby Don't Dance. Given that they split up last Christmas, that's quite an achievement! However, it turns out that this is one of the tracks off their Gold album, that I guess they never got round to releasing until now. I also see that "The Last Hero" (Pratchett) is now out in paperback, with 16 extra pages of illustrations - grr! I broke my normal policy by buying that book in hardback, so I won't be doing that again... On a brighter note, I see that the Buffy soundtrack for Once More with Feeling is coming out on Tuesday, so I'll certainly get a copy of that.
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