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Time for another clear-out, in my ongoing struggle to declutter my flat. All these items are free to a good home; it's not worth the hassle of sticking them on Ebay, based on the lack of interest in similar items there.

Computer equipment:
* MIDIPro 49 key keyboard (4 octaves). Comes with a PS-25 foot pedal, power lead, MIDI cable, and Quiklok (X-shaped) stand. Be aware that it can't make any sounds by itself; you need to connect it to a computer, then have the relevant software installed on there (e.g. Cakewalk). I assume that it will work with an Apple Mac just as well as a PC.
* HP Colorado 8Gb tape drive (connects to parallel port, can be "chained" with printer). 4Gb native/8Gb compressed. Works fine with Windows 2000, but not XP/Vista. I also have 5 tapes for it, labelled as "Friday 1" to "Friday 5"; I've used them before, but they should still be good for more backups.

* The Official Red Dwarf Companion (only covers series 1-6)
* Friends quotes (tiny book).
* RAC 2003 road atlas (a few years old, but most of the roads should be in the same places).
* Bill Gates' Personal Super Secret Private Laptop.
* Green Lantern Showcase vol 1 (black and white reprints from the 1960s). Water damaged, so it's a bit "inflated", but still perfectly readable.

DVDs (all region 2):
* It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world.
* Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
* Get Shorty.
* Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
* Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
* Danger Mouse - The Great Bone Idol.
* Jamie and the Magic Torch (series 1).
* Jeeves and Wooster (series 3 and 4).
* Rack (photo).

* Big Yellow plastic covers - 7 chair covers, 1 sofa cover. (Useful if you're moving house or putting things into storage.) All unused, and still in their original bags.
* Light bulb (Maxim 100W pearl, 240V, screw cap). I bought this by mistake (all my light fittings are bayonet), and I assume it works ok.

Any questions, let me know - I'll be putting these on Freecycle tonight, and anything that's not reserved by tomorrow evening will go to the charity shop on Tuesday.

Edit: Crossed out the items that are no longer available.
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